About Keith

I became a photo-enthusiast at a young age. I remember perusing Life Magazines at my grandparents’ house, and being fascinated by the German precision-engineering of my grandfather’s Kodak Retina Reflex camera. When I turned 14, my parents gave me a $9.95 Kodak Instamatic 44 camera, two black and white film cartridges - and a basic film developing kit. The real gift was a darkroom carved out of my father’s workshop in the basement of our home! I was bitten by the photo bug. I eventually saved enough to upgrade the 126-format camera to a high-end Konica Autoreflex-T Single Lens Reflex with a f/1.2 lens for low-light, splurged on a German Durst enlarger to make photographic enlargements, rolled my own film cartridges from 100 foot-long spools, and won a national Scholastic Arts Gold Key Award (half of the portfolio was color, the other half was my own black and white darkroom creations). I only used Kodak film and paper. So it was probably no surprise to family and friends that my first professional job after graduation from college was with Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY. At the time Kodak was at it’s heyday, with $16 Billion in annual sales, quality products, a top marketing brand, global distribution, and 60,000 employees in Rochester alone — also where I met my wife of 35 years!

I am now having fun creating “Kodak Moments” with family pets using a Canon 25 megapixel Digital SLR. I love cats and dogs, and also nature photography — I hope you enjoy viewing the other galleries of places I have been fortunate to visit.

I look forward to working with you!